Monday, February 11, 2013


The past couple of days have been a mixture of fun, and relaxing. This weekend consisted of driving 45 minutes to Cedar Rapids to go to target (super target=amazing), sleeping, church, yoga, sleep, hanging out, going to the town of Vinton, and sleeping. Can you tell I slept a lot this weekend?? :)

After training today, I found out my permanent team today. We were given an envelope with our names on it and had to go to our specific place on campus and waited for the rest of our team and eventually our team leader. This just made me super excited for what is to come. Not all people are happy with their team and I am very blessed to have a good group I individuals.

This week starts more intensive training. I'm not sure what that consists of yet but I know I will be doing some drivers training, and TB testing/ drug testing this week. As difficult as they may be, I am confident that I will pass all. :)

The picture today is a part of the campus. The whole campus is pretty old and under some construction.

Fun fact: Mary Engels from Little House on the Prairie attended school here.

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