Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini spike day 2

Lets see, today I worked on tearing more drywall which was the roof of a barn. But of course, like every other barn in the world, it was full of stuff. Before the demo started, we moved 350 pounds of electronics and donated it to a recycling place, and also donated a trailer full of furniture to Habitat for Humanity. Everything we had to move, was going to stay in the barn so we had to put everything on one side, tear down the drywall, clean it up, move everything to the other side, tear down the drywall and clean it up again. Some of the things we had to move were filing cabinets, a water heater, and a huge solar panel thing. But we didn't just move those across the barn, we moved them into the basement of the house. Thankfully they are not too far away and no steps were involved but we had to figure out the best and most efficient way to move these awkward things. Yesterday, some of my team had removed 1000 pounds of scrap metal out the the same barn. This took up my day as well as delivering the donations to their various locations. I enjoyed the break in work cause I got a little tour of Davenport. My teammate Kelli and I also got to sport our coveralls in Menards. Davenport reminds me a little of downtown Grand Rapids. Is a bigger city but just drive a little bit and you'll be in country.

My teammates finished up tearing down the cement ceiling in the living room of the house, and finished building bunk bed shelves. Some also had to walk a trail to haul some fallen trees off of the path. Other than that, most of our time was spent in the barn.

Of course, since this is a wild life/nature area, there are taxidermy animals all over this place. In one room alone, which the boys are sleeping in, I think we counted over 30.There is also live turtles swimming around and a live snake that thankfully, we are not allowed to take out!

After work we had dinner, team time, worked on some paper work, and then played some good old fashioned cards!

The house we are working on faces the Mississippi River so we have a gorgeous view. The picture just doesn't do it justice.

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