Saturday, February 16, 2013


Ok so I know I haven't updated in a while and I apoligize. This week has been pretty busy with training so I'll just summarize what I have done this week.

Its pretty chilly here, I would be able to handle the cold but the wind is killer! Everytime we walk somewhere we freeze our butts off and then start to sweat because we wear so many layers!! I'm sure I will learn how to better utilize my clothing.

We got our offical groups for the rest of the year so it has been a challenging and fun experience. We had to do a Ropes Course and we had many ups and downs. Even though it was frustrating at times, I think it was really beneficial for our team to get to know each other more. 

We learned all about the vans we will be driving by changing a tire, in coveralls, checking oil, and other basic car functions. I have completed the drivers training so I am now able to drive the 15 passenger vans across the country!! :) Watch out!! It's kinda like a semi but I'm sure I will manage with the help of my team members.

For the rest of the 10 months, each team member has a role that we will be in charge of. I am a Service Learning Initiator so I will be making connections as to why we are completing a project, what skills we may learn, and leading reflection activites for my team members.

On a lighter note, I have been spending lots of time laughing and laughing with my friends that I have made. Devin, my roomate, David and I have been enjoying our time people watching, eating, and complaining about PT (physical training). I swear my abs only hurt from laughing all the time and not PT. I'm so blessed to have made such good friends in such a short amount of time.

Well, I'm off to dinner! Again, sorry I haven't updated in a while and I will try to be better about it. I will post pictures of our adventures later. :)

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