Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm here!!

I'm here in Vinton, Iowa!!! I took too tiny little planes one to Chicago and then to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After de-icing, turbulence, security, speed walking and waiting, I landed safe and sound at 8 am. We took a 30 min shuttle to the campus and I was one of the first 4 people there. We got all checked in, tried on all of our clothes, ie: coveralls, rain gear, boots, gloves, and many shirts and got our room assignments. We were in our rooms able to unpack our duffle bags probably by 9:30 am! From then on, we had free time to wait for everyone else to arrive. Thankfully I hung out with the people I arrived with. We were wandering around looking for stuff to do by 11am. We found a pool table and a couple other people that we were entertained by for a couple more hours.

After turkey sandwiches for lunch, I felt horrible. I think I came down with a fever and was experiencing flu symptoms. Thankfully since we didn't have anything else to do for the afternoon, I slept off the fever and felt much better by dinner. Unfortunately I still have a head cold and hope it will be gone sooner rather than later.

All the buildings on campus are connected by tunnels underground so we don't have to walk outside to go from one building to the other. Of course the wifi has to be at the total opposite end of the campus as my dorm area. This is either a good or bad thing I'm sure.

The evening consisted of a welcome for all the NCCC members and I finished unpacking. My roommate and I took a half hour to figure out how to put our hard hats together!!

Highlights for the day: an airport worker was sliding on the ice when guarding the plane backwards, I have a stylish new wardrobe, everyone here is sooooo friendly and super nice, especially my roommate and friend I met from this morning, I didn't break my back trying to carry my duffel bags and backpack, my planes landed safely, I have quite a journey ahead.

Pictures: One of the airplanes I took. Both were about this size. Me in the airport with my bag. And one with our red backpack, rain boots and sleeping bag. (This is the only bag we can take when we are traveling.

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  1. Im so glad u made it safe and sound. Sorry u got sick though, prob not enough sleep and too much excitement! :-) love u!!! Megan