Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mini spike day 1

Today was my first day of our mini spike. It started off at 4:45 to finish loading up the van to drive to davenport Iowa. It is about 2 hours from Vinton, so we had to leave early in order to be to our location at 8:30 to start working. Thankfully sleeping in the car has never been difficult for me so I got a little more sleep.

For the 3 days, we will be working at Nahant Marsh. Because it snowed several inches today, we can't work in the actual marsh but are working on a house that the marsh owns nearby. This house is about 100 years old and is in need of a lot of work. Today, I worked in the kitchen area taking down cabinets, ripping out drywall, and taking down insulation. Oh and I also cleaned out a tiny little furnace closet that will eventually be re-dry walled. It went really good and was excited to do some demo with the drywall in the kitchen. :) Some of my other team members worked on making shelves for storage, cleaned out the garage, tore out several layers of carpet and tile, and started to demo the living room ceiling.

After our work day, we made dinner, set up are extremely loud cots and watched a movie. Other than a toilet overflowing, it was a pretty relaxing evening.

This was definitely an awesome change from sitting in a classroom for 2 weeks. I'm excited for what the future, more long term projects will bring.

The picture is of me in my PPE (personal protective equipment). I had to wear this all day do to mold and other things we shouldn't inhale. :/

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