Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in a nutshell.

So it's been a while since I posted and I apologize but my weeks of training are pretty boring. This was the last week of CTI (core training institute) and surprisingly is has come and gone! This week has mainly been meetings upon meetings upon meetings to prepare us for the next 7 weeks. I was trained in chainsaw training and am one of 3 people on my team who can operate a chainsaw. I hope we won't be doing this too long cause my arms were sore from using it for like 10 minutes. Can't imagine using it for a whole day. I will definitely get a workout from that!

Friday we had our induction day. We are officially in the program and can drive the vans without our team leader. Woo hoo!!! Mom and dad came out for the ceremony so it was really nice to get spoiled by being driven everywhere. It only took us like 2 minutes to go to dinner in to versus 20 when we have to walk!! I'm sure they enjoyed see David, Devin, and I together. I'm sure it's quite a sight.

Today is my last day in Vinton so we already have the van pack up and we will be leaving tomorrow morning after room and kitchen inspections. The plan is to arrive around 4 pm!

That was pretty much my week in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting. That stuff will come this week. :) can't wait to get out there and start working.

The first picture is David, Devin and I in our "formals" for our induction ceremony. I also sang in the AmeriChoir which sang the national anthem before the ceremony. The other picture is in the Vinton high school. Tractors must be cheaper than a car. Can't imagine how long it takes them to get to school.


  1. Wow!! I haven't read up on your adventure in awhile (sorry about that) but it sure sounds like you are having a great time. This Jackson thing sounds pretty cool, cabins, chainsaws, building and cleaning, people cooking for you, you will have a great time there. Keep safe, and have fun!


  2. hmmmm....I have left other comments but this one is the only one that went through I guess.
    That is weird.