Friday, March 15, 2013

Punching' the clock

We arrived in Michigan Monday evening and started working the next day. Tuesday we had orientation and training on their specific tools. Wednesday morning we toured where we were going to be working at and started removing the invasive species that afternoon. We are removing honeysuckle, and buckthorn. We have made about 8 huge brush piles in the course of two days. Today we had to move some of the piles we made to a more open area so we can put it in the chipper. Of course where we had to move them, was way across the field. That took up most of the morning. Yesterday I was able to use the chainsaw to chop down some stuff and today I used the brush cutter! Both make me sore and it is an extremely good stress reliever. :)

The place we are staying at is like a house with separate sides for girls and boys. On each side it's kinda like a camp cabin with, Bunk beds and a bathroom with showers. There are also two sitting areas one on the main level and one in the basement with a dire place that we are using tonight :) and a pool table. Where the house is, is where the camp used to be so everyday we have to drive around the lake to the cafeteria and worksite.

All in all, I am enjoying myself very much! So nice to be able to do some work!!

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