Monday, March 18, 2013


If you haven't already seen on my Facebook, I recently got my hair cut by one of my team members! We agreed that if I let him cut my hair, he would let me shave his beard. There is a video of him cutting of my hair on Facebook. Surprisingly, I actually like my hair! He left is mustache like that for a day to show the campers and then shaved the rest of it off.

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend was we were having a fire, in the fireplace of the house when the fire alarm had to go off at 3am! Mind you, we have had fires every night since we have got here and have had no problems. Don't know what happened but after and hour of standing outside the fire department came. As we are all sitting in the van, the alarm is going off and the fire department leave. We had to call our project sponsor at 4am to get a code to shut the alarm off. Oh, and the best part is, the fire department couldn't find where our house is so we had to drive alllll the way across the lake to get them from the other side! Needless to say, thank goodness we have the day off today for all of us to sleep in!

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  1. Lex looks like Zack Gilifakanis(?) on his t-shirt