Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nebraska Nebraska.

We have been plugging away working with habitat. Working in the warehouses on Tuesday and Wednesdays, sing yard work for another supervisor and working at the houses the rest of the week. We are getting really close to finishing our part with these two houses and will soon be working on more houses building for the framing frenzy coming up. 

We had some excitement at one of the warehouses one day. We started working moving things around and our supervisor went upstairs with a couple teammates. They come down and he tells us I evacuate immediately because he think there are squatters there because they found some homemade booby traps.  The cops come and search the whole building. One cop even brought in his assault rifle... After several hours, they didn't find anyone and let us back in to work again. 

This weekend we get a long weekend so lex and I are enjoying ourselves by relaxing. But unfortunately I got poison ivy all over my face and it has spread all over my body so relaxing is kinda difficult. We spent yesterday morning in the ER getting some steroids. :/ Hopefully it will clear up soon and I can enjoy the rest of our weekend. 

Some fun at an art studio. 

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  1. Alyse

    Nice to hear from you and what has been going on with your team. Sounds pretty exciting, except the poison ivy stuff. Have fun, work hard and see you soon.