Saturday, August 17, 2013

Omaha Nebraska

So we have been in Omaha Nebraska for a week now and I am loving working for habitat for humanity. Our first work day consisted of a scavenger hunt all around omaha for us to get familiar with the city but in reality it just got me really confused. :) Habitat is such a great organization and I love seeing the work that we are completing. We are working on two houses right next to each other. We started with just the basement foundation/walls and in just a couple days have put up all the floor trusses and are working on the walls in the basement.  This takes a little longer because we have to make the walls ourselves. For the main level, habitat has this awesome program where they get pre made walls shipped there so by the time we are all ready to put up the walls, all we have to do is follow the chart and nail the walls into the right spot. I helped with this on another house and we got all the walls up within a couple hours. It was pretty awesome! 

Some other work we have done since we got here is demolished 120 desks with only our feet and hammers. It's a pretty awesome feeling when you can kick a desk apart with your feet. Also made me wonder how sturdy things really are if I can demolish it. :/ We have also unloaded several dump trailers and organized the whole warehouse. Pretty amazing. 

I am loving being engaged. It's amazing how fast news travels and how fast people find out the news but it just gets me more and more exciting! I'm just ready to go home and start planning official things for the wedding. It's really hard to plan something so big when I am so far away... Couple more months! 

We have been busy doing ISPs every day off we have. It's really exhausting how much we work and I look forward to just a chill day with nothing to do. 

It's off to bed for me, working with a bunch of volunteers tomorrow. Hopefully the whole house walls will be put up!!

Lex in Nebraska and me in Iowa!

On our scavenger hunt. 

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