Friday, September 13, 2013

Building houses

We have been working our butts off at habitat for humanity. We have been mainly working on one project site that includes 4 houses in a row and we have been working on all three of them. One is a demo house that is going to be redone and the other 3 are all being built from the ground up. It's so cool to be able to build something so intricate and do it well. 

I have really enjoyed working with our site supervisors. They like working with lex Kelli and I because we naturally get the work we are doing and can do it without supervision. Everyone else is getting the hang of things as we start to complete each house. 

The toughest part about the program now is we are so close to being done with the whole program. 2 more months until we graduate. I am so ready to go home and start planning our wedding as well as start my life with lex and have time to ourselves. 2 more months!!

Oh, I'm also Vinton. :)

A couple of the houses during the process. 

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  1. Great article - you are famous.. Enjoy the last month or so that you have left. I am sure it will fly by. i always enjoyed working construction, working with your hands and seeing in front of you what you have accomplished for the day. See Ya soon.