Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last week in minot.

To wrap up our last week, we finished the OSB on the one house and wrapped the house as well. It was such an accomplishment for us. I really enjoy seeing our work progress! We also worked on a couple other houses cleaning up debris and prepping for other groups of volunteers to do some demo and prep for sanitizing. Im so happy we didn't have to sanitize for our last week. Yesterday we went out to the recovery warehouse where oak 3, another Americorps team has been working. We went for a cookout but got ropes into helping them work. We ending up wrapping up siding and the making 2 deliveries. We split the teams up to so the deliveries and I went with the drywall. We delivered probably 50 sheets of 12 foot drywall to one house. It was ridiculous! 

Our last weekend was spent by doing a community day with the organization stars of hope. We blew up i dot know how many balloons to be released as resemblance of when the flood occurred two years ago. We also painted 1500 stars that will be sent east for hurricane sandy relief. The stars just give the community some hope to move on. 

We are currently on the road to head back to Iowa. We are stopping in Minneapolis for the night. Friday we have our debrief of this project and then Saturday I am off to North Carolina for vacation!! Ahhhhhh! So excited for a break! I'll post pictures of my adventures! :)

The latest team photo. 

Some of my teammates holding some balloons to be passed out. 

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  1. Alyse

    Sorry I have not been keeping up with you lately as it has been very busy around our house. Heather's wedding was this past weekend and Kari and her have been keeping me quite busy. It was a beautiful wedding as Pastor Sommerfeld did an excellent job. Sounds like you guys really get around and are seeing quite a bit of the mid-USA. Have fun keep working hard.

    See ya soon