Sunday, June 16, 2013

We found work!

This week was a pretty slow one. We finally found work for us to be done and have been working on one house this entire week. We have been taking down the exterior board, buffalo board/builtrite, and have been replacing it with OSB/plywood. This has taken us the whole week and we are still not done. The weather has given us challenges again. We had to stop working for a half a day because it was thundering and lighting. Our site supervisor didn't think it was a good idea to be working on extension ladders in a storm. 

It sounds like this week, to wrap up our stay here, we will be finishing the OSB on the house and then back to preping and sanitizing a few other houses. Not sure how far we will get but at least we will have steady work for us to complete. 

Yesterday, Saturday, some of us from both teams took a trip to the international peace gardens. It borders the US and Canada so we were in Canada for a couple hours! :) the peace garden reminded me of Fredrick Meyer gardens but a little smaller. Unfortunately they just planted the flowers so there wasnt much color around. 

Today we are doing an ISP in preparation for our community day coming up. We will be working with stars of hope (there is a website for more info). For the ISP we will be pairing stars and putting them up around town. This organization was created for towns that have experienced natural disaster. They put the stars around to remind everyone that they are together and are all in need. 

The US/ Canada border. (Above)

A credit card pay phone. 

A piece of the World Trade Center. 


These weren't at the peace gardens but we saw them on our way there. Above is a turtle made out of 2,000 tire rims and below is the very much debated geographic center of North America. 

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