Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This past week when we came back from Iowa we made a couple pit stops.  We stopped to see the worlds largest buffalo. Americorps people must love seeing the worlds largest things because it seems I be a popular thing in most groups. There was a little town where the biggest buffalo was so we spent some time there exploring. We also stopped to seethe wood chipper from the movie Fargo in Fargo, North Dakota. We stopped in Minneapolis for the night and then headed back to Iowa. 

After we got back to Iowa, we had a couple days of trainings and then it was vacation time!! Lex and I went to his parents house in NorthCarolina for the week. We spent out time hanging out with his whole entire family. Extended and all. It was such a good break from the day to day working and living with the same people. In North Carolina, we went white water rafting, camping for one night in the rain, walked around his town quite a bit and hung out with his family the rest of the time. 

Now it's back to Iowa. We have training for a week and then we will be heading to Valparasio Indiana doing more invasive species removal. We will be working at the Tall Tree Arboretum for about 3 weeks. I'm kinda bummed that its only going to be 3 weeks. We are really close to Chicago and really close to Lake Michigan as well. I'll see if the feeling is the same after I do all the work! :) 

At the worlds largest buffalo! 

Playing around. Lex was having some trouble. 

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