Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today our work consisted of moving debris. We first started out at one house shoveling all the drywall and debris they threw outside. This took 2 huge trailers full (one picture). That took us about an hour so we moved on to the next house. We initially went to this house with the idea of just removing appliances that needed to get out but once we got there it turned into a whole day project. One of the appliances was a old chest freezer. This freezer was in the basement of this house, full of food. This food has been rotting in this basement, not plugged in or anything, for 2 whole years; going on the 3rd. It was discussing! We had to wear our big masks and that didn't even mask the smell. The freezer was too heavy to move by itself otherwise we would have never opened it. To empty it, we picked up the big bags of food and put it into bags. It eventually turned into soup so we took a huge cup and scooped out the remaining rotten smelly water into 5 gallon buckets, took it outside and dumped it down the sewer. Disgusting morning. The rest of the day we cleaned out the rest of the basement which included filling 2 huge trailers of wiring, duct work, drywall/plaster, and wood framing. 

Although I may complain, it has been a wonderful experience here in Minot so far. I enjoy the town and look forward to staying here. To top off our fun filled day, we had a huge fire! :)

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