Wednesday, May 1, 2013

North Dakota, here we come!

We on on our last day of training here in Iowa before we head to Minot, North Dakota! I just finished packing up all my stuff again and waiting to pack the van. I have been increasingly consuming more and more things. Although i have learned how to jam pack this red backpack to the rim, i still need to reduce my piles for next round...

Had a wonderful weekend with my bestie Devin and will be sad to leave her again. But I'm super excited to rebuild houses! We will be stopping in Fargo for tomorrow night and will arrive in Minot Friday afternoon.

Almost time for bed as well, 6am room inspection before we head out...

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  1. It was nice seeing you a few weeks past at church. It looked like your parents were happy that you were home for a bit. By now you must be in North Dakota, enjoy it, it is a beautiful state. Keep working hard the experience that you are getting sounds awesome. See ya next time around.