Tuesday, October 22, 2013


So during the shutdown we were on campus doing community service in the local towns. We were sent out on our projects after it ended and have been here since Saturday. We are still Iowa but working at a YMCA camp in Coggon. We are basically doing projects that the Maintence guy has but doesn't have enough time in the world to get them done himself. This camp reminds me so much of the summer camp I worked at. A little bigger but still the same atmosphere. I just love being at camp. Yesterday I drove the tractor all day for work. I was hauling things to the burn pile and pulling roots out of the ground.

It's already snowing here today. First day. :/ gonna be a cold couple weeks working. 

Only a few more weeks and I will be back in Michigan for a while.  

My view of the day. 

One of the roots we pulled out and I put on the burn pile. 
At the YMCA camp 

Pouring concrete at a job site in Vinton Iowa. 

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  1. Must be fun using that big equipment, I sure would enjoy that.....sounds like fun. You can keep the snow and cold where you are at we do not need that here in Michigan. "Alyse from Michigan and others" nice - your name in the news. Have fun and nice photos of the both of you.