Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Round 2!!

This week we are being cabin leaders again and it's going good so far. The kids are really good and respectful. I expect a pretty easy week ahead of us.

We found out where we are going for our round two project!! We will be heading to Minot, North Dakota to complete disaster response work by repairing home that were affected by a flood. We will be working for a Lutheran organization but other than that I don't know too much more. We will be there from May 1- June 26th. Yay North Dakota!! I'm pretty excited to be working on houses. I really have enjoyed that in previous experiences.

Nothing else has really happened since my last post. We have been able I use the chipper and we haven't had a day off in a while so we are all pretty tired. I have come down with some weird rash on my inner elbows and all over my stomach. It itches like crazy and I have no idea how I got it. :/ hopefully when I come home this weekend I can get something stronger than hydrocortisone cream!!

Here is an updated picture of our team at the camp. We have had some struggles but somehow the work still gets done!!

Welp, back to watching children. Looking forward to seeing some I you this weekend!

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