Thursday, November 14, 2013


I made it home safe and sound. It's definitely bittersweet. Grandma, grandpa, mom and dad as well as lex's parents all came out to Iowa to watch us graduate. The ten months have been and amazing, challenging, fun, difficult, and life changing experience. Would have never thought that I would have met my future husband. We both returned to our respective homes and are living with our parents until the wedding. The next time we will see each other will be for Christmas. And after that, sometime for wedding planning. 

I'm hoping to get a part time job until May and will be planning away as well. After we get married in June, I'm going to move down to bryson city, nc. 

Throughout my engagement and probably through marriage I will still update my blog so keep reading. :) 

It has already been a crazy ride and I'm sure more adventures are coming our way. 

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