Saturday, May 25, 2013

No more demo...for now

We have finally finished with the cursed house where everyone gets hurt at. The last thing we had to do was wait to get dump trucks so we could bring everything to the landfill. While we waited for that, we have worked on several other house picking up debris and preparing the house to be sanitized. The weather has been rainy and kinda chilly so that limits what we can do to some of the houses. But, one of the houses we have taken the siding off, removed all electrical wires, cleaned and cleaned. I don't know how many times I have swept that house, it's ridiculous. But on Friday, we were able to power wash and sanitize the whole house. To do that though, we have I wear multiple layers of ridiculous clothing. The white suits are only worn for the hood because we have to be covered from the chemical in the sanitizer. And on top of that, we have to wear our rain gear to keep us dry from the power washer. But on top of that, we have to wear our P100 masks because of the mold we are spraying off. It's quite the process. We are going to get quite comfortable in these suits bc I think we will be sanitizing a lot more now. 

Other than that, nothing else exciting has really happened. We went a week without making a trip to the hospital or clinic!!! 

Not much planned for this weekend, we get Memorial Day off so it's a 3 day weekend here!!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Somehow we are still alive...

This first week of work has been quite an adventure. After our moving of debris, we moved on to a house that we were too demolish. Our first day at this house we started by removing the shingles. It was a good day. The rest of the time since Thursday, from working on this house, we have not gone a day without and injury. These included, someone getting wood chips in their eye, a nail in the foot, electrocution, a wood chunk in someone's arm and 2 walls falling on the same person. From the walls falling on lex, he first suffered a concussion and then his arm in a sling. We are still working on this house. Thankfully all the walls are on the ground in pieces but we are convinced this house is cursed. 

Oh, more exciting stuff that happened, after lex got electrocuted from wires that should have been shut off, we broke the gas pipe and natural gas was everywhere. The fire department came as well as the gas company and we were delayed work for a while. Cedar 6 has a tradition now that each round the fire department has to be involved somehow. It's only been a week and we have had quite the experience. The house is fully demolished, just needs to be put on the dump trailer. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today our work consisted of moving debris. We first started out at one house shoveling all the drywall and debris they threw outside. This took 2 huge trailers full (one picture). That took us about an hour so we moved on to the next house. We initially went to this house with the idea of just removing appliances that needed to get out but once we got there it turned into a whole day project. One of the appliances was a old chest freezer. This freezer was in the basement of this house, full of food. This food has been rotting in this basement, not plugged in or anything, for 2 whole years; going on the 3rd. It was discussing! We had to wear our big masks and that didn't even mask the smell. The freezer was too heavy to move by itself otherwise we would have never opened it. To empty it, we picked up the big bags of food and put it into bags. It eventually turned into soup so we took a huge cup and scooped out the remaining rotten smelly water into 5 gallon buckets, took it outside and dumped it down the sewer. Disgusting morning. The rest of the day we cleaned out the rest of the basement which included filling 2 huge trailers of wiring, duct work, drywall/plaster, and wood framing. 

Although I may complain, it has been a wonderful experience here in Minot so far. I enjoy the town and look forward to staying here. To top off our fun filled day, we had a huge fire! :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lutheran disaster response

We made it and are all settled into our home away from home in North Dakota. We are working for Lutheran disaster response and living in relief trailers for the time being. The picture with all the doors is our living/ beds. They all have one set of bunk beds so we split up and are separated into different rooms. Our bathrooms and showers are also another trailer which is shown the other pictures. Surprisingly, the showers are nicer than the showers in Iowa and Michigan. The beds are a lot comfier too!

Since we arrived, we have just been exploring the town of Minot. The mall and downtown are really close so that's a perk

We start our first day of work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

North Dakota, here we come!

We on on our last day of training here in Iowa before we head to Minot, North Dakota! I just finished packing up all my stuff again and waiting to pack the van. I have been increasingly consuming more and more things. Although i have learned how to jam pack this red backpack to the rim, i still need to reduce my piles for next round...

Had a wonderful weekend with my bestie Devin and will be sad to leave her again. But I'm super excited to rebuild houses! We will be stopping in Fargo for tomorrow night and will arrive in Minot Friday afternoon.

Almost time for bed as well, 6am room inspection before we head out...